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Miniature Lily Wildlife Planting Scheme


A planting scheme to create a small wildlife pond or water feature using marginal pond plants, oxygenating plants and a miniature water lily (also known as dwarf or pygmy water lilies)


A full planting scheme for either a small wildlife pond, or water feature using a miniature lily as the focus


  • any 1 miniature lily (Nymphaea Candida, Nymphaea Albida, Nymphaea Pygmaea Rubra, Nymphaea Pygmaea Helvola, Nymphaea Perrys Baby Red, Nymphaea Pygmy Alba)
  • marginal plant x 3
  • oxygenating plant x 1
  • surface cover plant x 1
  • Contour basket x 1

We will choice the plants based upon stock level and approriate colours, but if you have any preferences, then add a note in the order form at checkout.


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