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Adding Plants To Your Pond

Select plants that will benefit the wildlife and ultimately encourage the wildlife.

Put into the pond a select mixture of oxygenating plants and plants that grow above the surface of the water. You can put in a floating planter basket that you plant up with marginal plants that creep along the surface of the pond, or put marginals in the pond that are tall and create a focal point. With these floating planters they also act like a raft for newts and dragonflys to settle on.

To help maintain water clarity add submerged oxygenators such as milfoil and hornwort and frogbit. For the deepest area of the pond you can put in water hawthorn (aponegeton) which has a beautiful white scented flower at this time of year! You can also plant your water lily’s in now which will flower beautifully in the Summer and encourage bees and other wildlife to your pond.

You can also add marginal plants such as typha minima, sparganium erectum, iris pseudacorus. These plants will add height and colour to the pond and attract insects.

With all the time and effort you put in to your pond now you will create a perfect habitat for various wildlife to thrive!

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