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Do you have to dig a hole?

Having a small wildlife pond is a great idea, but isn’t always practical? Some gardens have pristine lawns, with lovely flower borders, and the thought of digging a hole might fill some gardeners with horror! Or maybe the garden has been paved over (or the lawn has been dug up and replaced with stone chippings, due to an infestation of chafer bugs which seems to be common in Lincolnshire at the moment)? Or a small patio, which looks a little bland?

Whatever the reason that you want a ‘pond’ but don’t want a hole, there are quite a few options available to you.

1 – The old ‘tin’ wash tub, which we use as the demonstration for our British native planting scheme

2 – the bespoke hexagonal patio water feature

3 – the belfast sink, as used by the RSPB in their demonstration

or any other reasonably sized container, such as half barrels, a cast iron bath, a water trough, basically anything that can hold water, as you can always line it with a pond liner to stop any possible leaks, just make sure that any sharp objects on the inside have been removed. Also remember to make ramps into and out of your water feature so that the wildlife you are wanting to attract, can also leave without any trouble (such as hedgehogs).

If you are in need of inspiration and have a facebook account, then there are a couple of very nice friendly groups on Facebook Wildlife Ponds UK and Garden Ponds (UK)

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