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Winterising your pond and aquatic plants this autumn

Maintenance now will help to keep your pond balanced and healthy ready for a good start In the Spring, it will also minimise disturbance for hibernating pond residence.

You need to cut back and remove any dead or dying aquatic plants, this will stop build up of rotting material in your pond. If your pond is near deciduous trees make sure to catch the leaves before they enter the pond by placing a net over the pond (ensuring no wildlife can get entangled in it) this will avoid your pond getting choked up.

If your pond is getting silted up remove any excess sediment using a net or aquatic vacuum making sure to remove no more than half of the silt sediment in one year, this will reduce habitat loss for the mud dwelling wildlife.

Remove and clean pumps and feed any water lilies with our Ultra Secret Aquatic Food, and look for December to be adding our Organic Barley Straw to the pond, as it will need 4 weeks for the break down to start to keep you pond clear and free of algae.

Our water lilies can be added at any unfrozen time over the winter, as we have trimmed and feed them ready for the spring and this will enable good establishment in the spring.

2 thoughts on “Winterising your pond and aquatic plants this autumn”

  1. If you have Koi then the general opinion seems to be that once the temperature drops below 10 degrees centigrade, they shouldn’t be fed.

    Once the pumps are clean and air dried, then store them in any warm/dry place


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