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Do you have to dig a hole?

Having a small wildlife pond is a great idea, but isn’t always practical? Some gardens have pristine lawns, with lovely flower borders, and the thought of digging a hole might fill some gardeners with horror! Or maybe the garden has been paved over (or the lawn has been dug up and replaced with stone chippings, …

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Packaging An Order

We use a box, which has been manufactured specifically for us, to send out orders, and package either four marginal plants or one lily per box, taping the boxes together for larger orders. The height is approximately 53cm and the width/depth 26cm. For example with marginals. We place the order in a square, maximum of …

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Creating A Wildlife Pond

STAGE 1 Mark out the shape of your pond with rope. Any shape can be formed using the rope and 2 metre liner supplied. STAGE 2 Cut the turf around the marking rope using a spade or half moon turf edger. STAGE 3 Remove the turf stacking it to one side for use later around …

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Adding Plants To Your Pond

Select plants that will benefit the wildlife and ultimately encourage the wildlife. Put into the pond a select mixture of oxygenating plants and plants that grow above the surface of the water. You can put in a floating planter basket that you plant up with marginal plants that creep along the surface of the pond, …

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Maintaining A Tidy And Healthy Pond

This time of year nearing the end of summer, ponds often may have a large accumulation of oxygenating weed that has grown over the season. It is important that you thin out the weed so your pond doesn’t get overpowered by it interfering with the Waterlilies and eco-system of your pond. The best way of …

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