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Maintaining A Tidy And Healthy Pond

This time of year nearing the end of summer, ponds often may have a large accumulation of oxygenating weed that has grown over the season. It is important that you thin out the weed so your pond doesn’t get overpowered by it interfering with the Waterlilies and eco-system of your pond.

The best way of controlling the weeks growth is to pull out the excess weed and place it at the edge of the pond to allow any wildlife that may be inside the weed such as newts etc. to make its way back to the pond.

If you have a blanket weed problem, we find it is best to use a soft bristle brush to pull out the blanket weed which collects in the fine bristles of the brush or use a fishing net.

Your Waterlilies this time of year will be displaying yellow leaves which is natural because the growing season for them is slowing down this time of year.

To tidy them up we recommend cutting back all old leaves and adding more food to their baskets which will boost their growth at the beginning of the new season in Spring. Please remember that purchasing Barley Straw will also help!!!

With time and effort now, your pond will lead to a balanced eco-system and a healthy pond.

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